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So, Marie Antoinette Walks In To A Bar…

8 Jun

… dripping with ever-so-intricate jewels… or, wait, are those…. nooo…  God save the Queen!

I was  reminded of my original sighting of couture’s recent foray into mixing street culture with fashion proper by both Miss Défilé’s latest Coco post, and by my friend Key’s beautiful body of adornment (and, admittedly blatant mention of this).

Trompe L'Oeil

Tattoo You

Leave it to the messiah of all that is classy and classic in this divine world to bring us- temporary tattoos? !?  Yes.

This also proves the old addage that you can slap a brand on to just about anything these days- your skin included.  Les Trompe-L’Oeil de Chanel “Temporary Skin Art” is available directly through Chanel’s site for a semi-steep $75– a bit much for something that’s just going to come off in the shower.  But, ’tis a small price to pay to gratuitously display your love for Chanel, and possibly gain a little street cred while you’re at it.  And, I must say, the designs are quite pretty- quite fit for royalty.

The Girl with the Pearl, Bracelet.... Tattoo

Leave the Cracker-Jack sifting to the kids, ladies and opt for something a bit more opulent-  a bit more bad-ass.  ♥


♥ fashion colleague L.E.Défilé agrees! Check out her spin on this tactful trickery ♥

Can’t get enough Marie??  Me either.  Check out What Would Marie Antoinette Do for all that *glitters*!


Talk Nerdy to me, Baby

7 Jun

Ahh, who doesn’t love the cyclical nature of fashion?  And the reality that pretty much ANYTHING can come back “in-style”, no matter how good or bad (want an insta-m0m-pooch:  snap up some high waisted pleated pants!  yea, that trend lasted long.)  But this oldie is a goodie, and a nod to why I have such a love affair with vintage.

Nerd glasses!  Whether heavy platic-framed, cat-eyed, or horn rimmed this is one staple that will out-survive just about anything in your (or grandma’s) closet.  Check out this awesome (and affordable!) pair of (sun)glasses from Spitfire, currently available online though Nasty Gal .

Spitfire Fassbinder Shades: $44

Sans sun, the aviator frontals pop off of so you can sport ’em like the innocent lil bookwork beauty you are, and can most likely be fitted with your necessary perscription lenses.  So, you’re really getting a two-for-one here:  $44/2 = $22 each for a pair of sunnies and some specs.  Best pull yourself away from that Vonnegut and snap these up pronto!  Last time I tried to grab these from OAK NYC they sold out within 24 hours…  Safe to say, I already ordered (and recieved!) mine, and can’t wait to parade them around with my new AllSaints dress and combat boots .  They’d look equally rad with a simple, slightly-oversized tee, some cut-off shorts, and gladiator flats.

btw, if you’re searching for a lighter shade of shades, the Fassbinders are also available in Amber:

Spitfire Fassbinder Shades- Amber

Lastly, for the true vintage enthusiast, the always wonderful treasure trove  of one-of-a-kind finds, Etsy, has a groovy  selection of glasses  to assist you in your quest for nerddom.   

From BibbysRocket on Etsy: $84

It’s hip to be square; so get off your tail you  cool cats and hop to the mail…ordering.

 ❤ your resident (nerd) scientist ❤

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