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Paris When It Sizzles

10 Jun

Hello, my friends!  Can you believe it’s been almost a year since my last post?  Well, I have been busy with my new collaborative, Philly-based, awesome-sauce blog, Very Glossy.  Please take some time on this steamy Friday to check it out, and if you’re feeling extra nice, give us a like on Facebook– we’ll promise to love you back. ♥

A free trip to Paris?! Oh Happy Day, indeed!

So, on to another, equally fabulous reason as to why I decided to crawl out of the depths of the interwebs  to write a much needed post- a FREE trip to gay Paris is involved 😉  Yes, I said free, including hotel and airfare within the continental US courtesy of fab Francophile blogger, Jordan, of Oh Happy Day.  Check out all of the deets, found in her post here, for your chance to win.  In addition to this being a completely amazing opportunity- Jordan is footing the bill herself as a personal thank-you to all of her wonderful readers.  In a word- WOW!  Plus, you’ll get a personal two-day tour featuring all of Jordan’s favorite spots and hidden gems.  What are you waiting for??  Have at it ladies and gents!

I hope to get back into the groove of making updates here, of a more personal, and possibly local nature.  Also, if you have any ideas, questions, fancies, feel free to share and I’ll see what I can whip up.  Thank you, as always, for following.  And maybe, one day, we’ll meet in Paris- before sunrise.  À bientôt! ♥


Vintage Modern

10 Aug

If I was asked to sum up my thoughts on the budding collection of sisters Elisa Mona and Stella June in two words… well, just refer the above title.

I was pointed to their saucy yet sweet site by my friend Amy, who loves sourcing and supporting independent (not to mention local!) designers just as much as I do.  The thing that screamed out to me the most about Mona et June’s line truly IS the seamless integration of old and new, trendy and classic, etc., etc.

Prairie Flower Dress- $50.99

This is accomplished combining the equally fashion savvy, but genre-polar minds of the siblings (Mona- vintage, June- classic/modern).  It’s a marriage made in couture heaven, or rather, Philadelphia to be precise.   The Prairie Flower Dress (above) is a shining example- taking the always hot frontier trend and melding it with lines reminiscent of a top fit for Miss Page.

Oh, and to deepen my love even further for this line- everything on the site is under 70 bucks!!!… well, at least now, during the sale.  But still!  The “priciest” frock I could find was a mere $67… a drop in the bucket in the name of fashion- and having something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.  Go on girls!

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