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Queen of my Heart

20 May

Ok, so my very first post on a newly birthed blog conceived in vintage love, and I choose to write about…. brand spankin’ new chairs.  But come on, just take one gander at these plastic fantastic creations and you’ll see why I simply couldn’t help myself:

The Queen Wears Black

Made by  Design of Love- Italy  (something this beautiful simply could NOT have been produced in the US), these baroque babies are made of  100% recycled, single-mold injectioned polyethylene (no seams!).  This makes your potential Alice-in-Wonderchair tough enough to brave the outdoor elements, or that totally killer party you throw just to show off this stunner.   Oh, and did I mention that it’s available in pink?

I just died and went to heaven in a chair made of Tarina Tarantino's hair.

I am having a seriously difficult time deciding between the black or the pink…. or the additional 10 colors for that matter.  So fun!  So Marie Antoinette!  And somewhat macabre in the best possible, yet unexpected way given the medium.  The Queen of Love is set to retail for about $750 (inclusive of shipping) and will soon be available at the aptly named, all that is holy in the world of interiors,  Hipster Home

A bit pricey you say?  True.  But can you really put a monetary tag on feeling like royalty day in and day out?  Why not take a seat, relax, and contemplate how badly you want to snap this up before that rook down the street steals your queen ❤

Gem Stone Thrones

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